Hildebrand is the Hong Kong representative of a number of overseas travel & tour companies. Please click on the logo links below, to find out more about our activities in this regard.

ACFEA Tour Consultants has been creating custom tours for performing arts groups throughout the world. Our staff know firsthand the special needs and concerns your group may have when touring abroad. Tours designed by ACFEA are tailor-made to fit each individual group, reflecting that ensemble’s unique interests, abilities and expectations.

Sporting Highlights specialises in hockey and cricket tours following the England team, travel for bowls players and spectators. As a small independent operator we offer exceptional levels of personal service, ensuring your tour is a trip of a lifetime.

Meta travel agents are international pioneers in the fields of incentives, trips, audiovisual productions, events, motivational activities and management training. Meta is unique in its offering of exotic destinations around the world such as Antarctica, Lapland, Patagonia and the Galapagos Islands.

Barcelona Royal Cruises organises cruises around the Mediterranean sea with port destinations in Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Malta and Greece as well as cruises further afield to Florida and the Bahamas.